10 Ways to Get a Guy to Fall Inlove With You

relationships, loveSo, you’ve got this huge crush and on this great guy but there’s a problem. He doesn’t even know you exist or he does know but he’s just not that into you? Been there done that. You think he is the perfect guy for you and you are the perfect girl for him  but he just doesn’t know it yet. Your one hope is that he falls in love with you like yesterday right?

After all it’s not like you are asking the stars for a marriage proposal. Just a little harmless love. Well no potion can make it happen but with a little confidence, you just might make him notice you and the falling in love part will just come with the territory.

Having  someone fall in love with you isn’t something that happens over night.  Just the mere word “making” someone fall in love with you just doesn’t fall off the tongue very well. I mean, the last thing you want to do is make “anyone” do “anything”. It should happen naturally, right?

Yes it would be awesome if you could just spray some potion on the guy you want to make him fall completely gaga over you but a forced love would never last. The good news is we all have a little bit of love magic inside of us to help you do nudge the universe just a teensy weensy bit to make it happen as long as we are true to ourselves.

If you have given it some careful deep thought and you are absolutely,totally, completely sure that this is the guy for you, then feel free to try some of these lady love truths below to help you sweep him off his feet. It all starts with how confident you appear.

1.      Be Yourself!!!
The first pointer towards developing a relationship with anyone out there is to just be yourself. You must be wondering that what kind of advice is that? But it’s the truth!
Instead of trying to be someone else to impress a guy, don’t change your opinions and stop saying “yes” to the things you really want to say “no” to. Most guys prefer a lady with a mind of her own. Well at least the ones worth being in a long term relationship with.
2.      Happy Girls are the Prettiest!

  1. If you really want to strike a chord with a guy, don’t be miss sorrow-stricken poor baby. Telling someone about your problems too soon can be a turn off. If you seem to be bored, or tend to talk a lot about the bad things in your life, he might think that you’re not happy by his presence. People like to be around positive people. Show him the happiest side of you. Guys are  attracted to happy outgoing girls. Smile a lot, laugh at his jokes and enjoy all the time you get to spend with him!

3.      Optimize your Looks!
If you’ve been neglecting your looks since a long time because of too much work or low self-esteem — it’s time to do something to refine your looks! Get a haircut, wear a new outfit and maybe even change your hair color. Get noticed but don’t over –do it! Obviously, you don’t want to be considered a desperate over-done plastic doll. Just start pampering yourself, try out some new makeup and accessories and he will start to notice.
4.      Listen to Him!
We know that you are dying to tell him your life story, but hold on! Don’t just keep on blabbering about yourself . Find out what he wants and he likes. After all if you want to win his heart, you also have to play detective. Listen to him when he talks, laugh at his jokes and let him know that you care.
5.      I’m the Mysterious one, Darling!
Guys have this tendency of working their brains to find out hidden facts about girls. They love to explore her layer by layer. It intrigues them. If you tell them a little about yourself, they would be keen to find out the rest and would definitely call you or meet you to know more about you. So, don’t be an open book at your first meeting. Be mysterious, leave hints and let him unravel the mystery by himself!
6.      Don’t be too desperate!
Telling him everything about how you feel right away is not really a good idea. It shows that you don’t have the patience to wait for him to come and ask you out or something.
Times may have changed but playing a little cat and mouse game can be fun. If you let him know about all the things you are doing but casually let him know when you are free, that is a good enough doorway to let him make a suggestion.
7.      Eye Contact is very important!
Look deep into his eyes while you are talking to him. Try to keep the eye contact for a longer duration even after you or him have stopped talking. This acts as a wonderful way to check whether he is really into you or not. If he keeps on looking into your eyes as long as you do, you are on the right path to creating a connection. And don’t worry if he looks away and smiles. That can be a sign that he is so mesmerized by your beauty that he can’t  help but blush a little when he looks at you. It means you are melting his heart.
8.      Let Him Call You!
Don’t just keep calling or texting him. Let him call you. You can initiate the series of calls by calling him once but only once. Make that first call’s conversation be as interesting and long as possible and of course interesting enough for him to call you back the next day! If he does, Keep up the great work.
9.      Flirt!
Hey, a little flirting is harmless! You appreciate compliments so why not give him some in return.  Don’t overdo it though.  Flirting does not mean being slutty. That can be a turn off. Try some good old fashion winking, a soft touch on his arm, or make eye contact with him when you guys are in the middle of a crowd. A smile is the best flirt of all.
10.  Don’t Bitch!
i.      Yes, bitching is the most interesting thing to do when you are in a group of girls, but it is not the right thing to do when you are with your crush. Guys don’t like snotty girls who are constantly bitching or complaining about others. It makes them think that you will do the same behind their back. So, be cheerful, happy – go – lucky and discuss whatever he wants to talk about, without over – complaining about anything. That’s what your girlfriends are for.

So let’s be honest. Getting a guy to love you isn’t really rocket science. If he is your type and likes who you are, it will definitely happen. Try following the pointers given above, and if it works great. And if it doesn’t that’s okay to because the greatest love of all is you.


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