Funky Fashion Trends for Spring of 2013

If you love beauty and fashion as much as we do then we definitely know you are just dying to know what’s going to be hot and what’s not for Spring of 2013. The word on the street is that color is going to be an eminent theme in women’s clothing this year. If you want to stay on top of the game yet still be beautiful you, check out some of our fashion tips to give you the heads up and spring you into spring with style.

orange spring fashion clothingMake use of geometric patterns. Color blocking is famous every year, so to add crisp to what you wear why not use a variety of geometric patterns in your style. This will help create a playful you as well as create positive vibes on others.

Use pastel colors. Pastel colors never go out of fashion and this spring of 2013 it’s still on demand. This works well if you are on a date with your loved ones; choose the hues of soft pink, baby blue, and peach colors to achieve the look that you want.

Experiment with prints. Prints always give that youthful impression to people. So, if you wanted to have that youthful look in you choose an experiment on prints with your clothing. You just have to remember the do’s and don’ts of using prints in your fashion to be in style and not to be out of style.

dressesOrange is the color of 2013 and spring is not an exemption to that. You can have that orange dress you have long wanted to wear or any clothes that spells O-R-A-N-G-E in it. And with that, you can wear any shades of orange for that matter and you won’t go out of style.

Go for that sporty look and hit your way out to the gym. This spring, you have all the means to be fit and healthy since sporty look is always in.

If you are heading out to a backyard party, try a floral dresses instead with shades of orange or yellow paired with wedge sandals or anything that you’re comfortable with to give your feet those sexy look.

spring hatsPlan on heading to the beach? Then look your best with a hat. The in style hats this year will be the large floppy hats to protect you under the sun. And let’s not forget our big and gaudy aviator shades.

Throw on a pair of wear bright colors of flip-flops as well to complete that sexy beach getaway look.

Hope these tips will give you a head start on one of the most wonderful seasons of the year. Enjoy!

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