5 Reasons Why You Should Never Take Back a Cheater

cheating boyfriendHe cheated on you, dumped you for another girl and now he wants to come back. So, what are you planning to do? One part of you hates him with a passion and the other part of you is remembering the good times and how much you miss him.

I am sure he has told you that he will never do it again and that you are the only one he loves. How sincere of him! But are you really going to buy that? Please take a look in the mirror and think with your head not your heart. If you are not married with kids, do not even think twice about taking back a cheater. Why? Because if he did it before and you were silly enough to take him back then you are giving him the green light to do it again. Why would he change? After all you took him back the first time. So what’s the big deal if he cheats a second time?

Please be smart about this. Yes you love him but don’t you think you deserve the same in return? If we haven’t convinced you already, then please keep reading.

1) Habits Change, Character Does Not

This is a very old saying and holds true for every situation. A person might change his habits, but the character remains the same. If he has cheating in his character, well he can do that over and over again. If he is of the playboy category, high possibility is that his realization might last only for few days and after that he’ll be out hunting for other girls.

2) He might be in contact with the girl he had left you for

Are you sure he still isn’t going to stay in contact with the one he left you for? Did he enjoy her company for a few days and is now just bored? So he starts chasing you again saying that he misses you and wants you back? Well, there is a high probability that he may be more sexually into her and more emotionally into you so he may still keep her around for the sex and you for the emotional support.

3) You won’t be able to trust him the way you used to

Ask yourself, will you be able to trust him the way you used to? The answer would be a clear NO! A person who could cheat you once knows your weaknesses and how he can leverage them. His every action would make you suspicious because you hadn’t been cautious enough the last time. Even if you take him back, you’ll end up acting like a possessive wreck doubting every word he says. Your constant accusations will only frustrate him and push him yet into another girls arms.

4) You don’t have any guarantees it will work out

He’s not the same person anymore, nor are you. You have to accept the fact that you can’t expect things to work out as they were a year ago. Do you think that it is really worth trying to fix a relationship which was broken because of another woman? What is the guarantee that it’ll work out this time? In fact, the chances of things going in the right direction are almost negligible because of the broken trust and promises.

5) You Will Never Be Able to Trust Him Again

Do you expect the guy who used to lie to you about little things to speak the truth now? How would you know whether he is speaking the truth or lying again? The guys who are habitual of lying to their girlfriends never change. He can plead to get back together today, but he would start lying and taking you for granted tomorrow. You are the same, he is the same; it’s just the relationship that has changed, that too for worse. A cheater doesn’t deserve being trusted all over again.

Taking back a guy who has cheated on you once is usually the wrong thing to do. The guy who did not have the courtesy to be faithful to you once, why would he even bother to do that again? It’s just that he is missing the love and care that you used to shower upon him. Well, do you really think he deserves it? The answer is a big NO! A faithful partner is the only partner you need.

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One thought on “5 Reasons Why You Should Never Take Back a Cheater

  1. These are definitely great reasons… Although I do secretly hope that people can change their character for the better and realize that cheating hurts people. Women should be empowered to make changes for ourselves when we know we can’t change others.

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