Reasons Men Cheat

cheating boyfriendIf you ask any woman who has been a victim of infidelity, one question which has always kept her intrigued is “why do men cheat?” Each and every woman has asked this question to herself and her friends a plethora of times, but the answer has always remained wrapped up in a mysterious concoction. Cheating on someone has been one of the worst sins that anyone can commit, but alas! It is also one of the most common things that have been happening in relationships and marriages these days. Let’s take a closer look at some of the possible answers to the question “why do men cheat?” and see if any of them were apparent factors in your relationship.

Waning of feelings

Love is the sole factor which makes the world round. Each and every person present on this planet craves to love and be loved. No relationship can survive without the emotional quotient. In most of the failed relationships, there are high chances that the man will look elsewhere in search of what he seeks and desires for. In the absence of affection in a relationship, he will divert all his attention to any other women who gives him love be it a colleague, a friend or a neighbour.

Lack of Good Sex

Being attracted to each other physically is indeed a fundamental reason for a healthy and successful relationship or marriage. However, the level of the desire for physical intimacy may vary in different relationships. Many a times the female partner fails to understand the desires of her partner, which possibly leads to straying him away. This is one of the most common reasons that encourage men to cheat – Lack of good sex!

The Relationship has become too monotonous

This happens after being with someone for a considerable period of time that one becomes so complacent that the male partner starts perceiving the female partner as a comfy pair of shoes, which are comfortable and familiar, but lacks the factor of enticement. It becomes more a mundane routine of completing the tasks, having a meal, watching a chat show and then going to sleep. The spice of the relationship dwindles away and both the partners become two separate lonely individuals who are sharing a relationship and even residing under a single roof. This is where the recipe for an outside relationship builds up. Whenever someone who gets along well comes and shows interest and adds the squash of spice, the sparks of an unnamed relationship ignites up.

Lack of communication

A well oiled relationship requires a healthy dose of communication between the partners. Lack of communication is capable of making the relationship hit the rocks. This dissatisfaction builds roads for the partner to seek it outside the relationship. Say, if he likes talking and discussing about his day, his office, his people and your day and your chores; but you on the other hand fail to participate leading to dissatisfaction for him. And if any other women seem to be fond of him, completely submerged into his talks and ready to understand him, obviously the wind will move in the favour of that other woman.

Does Not Want to Put in the Time It Takes to Build A Relationship

Your partner is your true soul mate, the most important person in your life, much above the kids, friends, parents or anyone else. It is of great significance to spend time with each other. The excuses such as “Our kids need me”, “I can’t talk, I have to prepare dinner”, makes you abstain from the highest responsibility in the relationship. Lack of deposits in the love bank account urges the man to look outside.

Men do cheat, but most of the times, there are situations which provokes them to look for love outside a relationship/marriage. But, there is also a category of men, who are fond of cheating and entering into new relationships each week or maybe each day. You must identify such players and stay wary of them!

If you have been cheated on, let it only be a one time thing. His cheating had nothing to do with you. Insecure people cheat. Now who wants to date someone who is unsure of himself. Not me! He is insecure. Don’t hang on to what will never be and take care of yourself.

Go out and treat yourself to something special.Call up a good friend, go see that new movie you wanted to check out  or go on a Online Beauty Supply Store spree and buy something different.  Get over it. He was not worth your time or the worry. Just think. You are a whole lot smarter now and now you know what you DO NOT WANT in a relationship. That’s half the battle.

5 thoughts on “Reasons Men Cheat

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  3. Ladies, If you want to know why men cheat ask yourself the same questions and stop presuming that men cheat and women don’t, the reasons will be the same regardless to which sex we are talking about. As far as insecurity is concerned you will never find a more insecure person who was once confident and has then had the deal with infidelity. So please stop and think for a moment when posting things that suggest men and women are any different to each other on this matter.

    1. Thank you for your comments and yes we totally agree. We had started out the post as Why People Cheat, but that title didn’t seem as captivating. Stay tuned as we do have a follow up article in the works about “Women that Cheat”.

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