Attracted to My Best Friend’s Man

best friendsAre you majorly freaking out because you are attracted to your best friend’s man? Are you not sure what to do about it? Try this…absolutely nothing

A lot of girls have been in this situation beore or will be in this situation at one point in their lives. It’s natural, unavoidable, but preventable.

The most common place you will see this scenario is when you are the “single one” and your friend has the man so whenever you hang out, it always happens to be the three of you.

May be it’s the way he talks, his looks or the fact he treats your friend like a princess. When you first met him, the very thought which might have ran across your mind must be” He is so cute, my best friend is just lucky”, but after spending a considerable time with them or rather him, such thoughts banish, and the thought of him being with you comes into your mind. Dealing with such an attraction or love can bewilder you, because you don’t want to ditch your best friend but you can’t get him out of your mind as well. So, what needs to be done in such a perplexing situation? Let’s help you out:

Be Honest With Yourself

First things first! Before taking any further step in such a scenario, it is of utmost significance for you to realize whether it is just a fluke knee jerk reaction because you are tired of being alone or sincere attraction with feelings is connected. Nine times out of ten you are probably blowing the trumpet out of proportion. Try judging each and every act of yours, so as to ascertain the true rambling of your heart. You might realize it was a meagre crush and not that critical an issue. In the long run, it would never work. You wouldn’t want to hurt your best friend. The future outlook if you went forward? Heartbreak and a whole lot of drama. Not worth it.

Stop Thinking about Him

You must try to abstain from lusting about that man, considering the fact that he is someone else’s man and that someone else happens to be your best friend. She would obviously feel bad that her best friend was trying to make the move to woo her boyfriend behind her back. Temptation is a natural part of life for us all. Daydreaming about him may seem harmless to yo but its wrong and its hurtful to your friend.

Talk to your Best friend

In case you are unable to do away with the feeling of being attracted to your best friend’s guy, consider talking with her about the issue. But, think about this step wisely as she is your best friend, probably only you know how she will take it. Don’t do the rush in business. According to a research, in such a situation a certain percentage of girls gave reward points to their best friend for their openness of sharing their feelings and simply moved on, but there are also a glorifying percentage of girls who were unable to take this thing, and stripped all ties from their friends for life.

Take the decent exit

In case, you realize that your love for that man is true, and your best friend is also truly in love with her man, it is the right time for you to take an exit. Both of them are happy with each other, there is no point acting as the barrier in the happiness of two lovers. Let them decide the future course of their relationship on their own, without you being around. Try controlling yourself and your emotions whenever you are with them. Take a break, spend some time without them and move on! Be back with them when you think you’re over the feelings you had for the guy.

Falling for your best friend’s man can put you in a very strange situation. You can’t flush away your feelings and you can’t even face your best friend and her man. The best solution to such a situation is to confront yourself, admit it, talk to your best friend if you can and move on. If your best friend understands enough, she just may try to set you up with someone who could be just as great for you as her man is for her.

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