Circle Lenses – The Newest Fashion Accessory

blue-eyes-cirlce lensesEyes can be the most appealing part in a person’s appearance. Everybody wants to be appreciated by all. And who doesn’t know that big eyes look much attractive than other things? Recently circle contact lenses have become very much popular among contact lens users. Once contact lenses were just something you wore to improve your eye sight. Now they are a Women’s Fashion Accessory like makeup or jewelry. Who Knew?

Circle Contact Lens can be illustrated as circle like large contact lenses that makes the eyes look a bit larger. The difference between circle contact lens and normal lens is that in normal one, the lens only covers the iris. But the circle contact lenses have an additional surrounding cover, dark in color, around the lens outer surface. In normal lenses, the outer surface is generally transparent in nature. In recent times, circle lenses are very much popular in Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Korea and many others.

In a recent statistical analysis, it has been found that more than 800,000 women in those regions are wearing these Circle Contact Lenses Canada. Yet in North America, it is not very much available, but younger ones as well as adults are purchasing these lenses from online to get updated with the fashion trend. Before deciding on which color circle contact lens that will suit your needs best, following points should be kept in mind.

If you want the most natural look, then you may need to choose brown or green colors. Put on some of your favorite mascara and your eyes will look attractive and spectacular.

Getting married? Circle lenses will definitely spruce up your wedding photos. Keep in mind the season of the wedding, whether it is summer, winter or spring and try pink,blue, or gray. If you have a plan of maintaining a theme in the wedding, then you have to choose the color of circle contact lenses according to it.

Want to wear them at work? Keep it simple and natural. Again, green or brown will be the most suttle. Circle lenses come in a shady called Nudy, which is a special blend to also make the colors blend in more naturally to your eye color.

And remember, circle lenses are just for fashion and should not be worn more than 4-8 hours at a time. If you do, you can damage your eyes. Always take special care to cleanse your lenses and the lens cases and wash your hands before putting them in. Fashion can be fun as long as you play it smart and take care of you!

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