10 Things Men Find Sexiest About Women

attractionTrying to figure out what turns a man on or what you can do to impress him and get him interested can be very confusing at times. But as women, we want to know because it’s a wonderful feeling when you can seduce your man and meet his needs as well as yours.

The good news ladies is that you do not have to work that hard at it. You don’t have to spend hours in the hair salon, or buy tons of makeup to get him interested. And now, it’s not just about a good body; men get turned on by various other factors related to women. A sexy woman is more than sexy curves, there’s much more to it than that. Here is a list of some things that men find the sexiest about women:


Are you among those who think that it’s just a sexy body that can turn on a man? Well, you’re mistaken! Men find confident and contemporary women very sexy. It shows that the woman is independent and knows her worth. Only a woman who’s in love with herself can make a man fall in love. Confidence is really very sexy! Believe me!


What’s wrong in showing your intentions off through a little bit of flirting? The women who flirt are considered to be open about their opinions and that’s what men love about them. If you want it, show it! There can be nothing better than some playful talk; but remember not to over – do it. There is a very thin line between sexy and desperate. I am sure you don’t want to be coined as the latter.

High Heels

High heels have always been the show stealers when it comes to sex appeal. These trendy pair of footwear can add up to the charm of your personality and make you look sexier than ever. Guys always notice these heels and higher they are, the sexier you appear to them. The best way to capture their attention is to put on a sexy pair of high heels and let them go ga –ga over you.

Fit Legs

The girls who have fit and shaped legs appear sexier to the men. This was revealed in a survey by some news websites on hundreds of men. They were questioned about the woman’s body part that they find the sexiest. Maximum guys voted that a pair of fit legs is extremely sexy according to them.

A happy go lucky attitude

Guys love the girls who are happy and have the ability to spread happiness all around. They really like being around them and they find the positivity attractive. A woman who is happy about herself and the things around her is adored and appreciated by all. Most guys are turned off by pessimistic women.

A Good Scent

Yes, this had to be on the list. A good scent is obviously a turn – on for men. When you venture out in the streets with a sexy fragrance lingering around you, then you’re bound to attract the attention of several guys out there. A good scent not only does wonders to attract guys, but leaves a good impression of yours wherever you go.


Mysteries have always known to attract people, right? Let your cleavage show a little. Don’t wear an extremely low neckline, let there be some mystery. Don’t wear a total high neck as well. There is a very thin boundary line between sexiness and desperateness. A subtle amount of cleavage show would help you in staying on the sexy side of the line between sexiness and desperateness.

A Sexy Back

An exposed back is a definite turn on for guys. A sexy deep back dress can make you stand out in the crowd. If you want to look sexy without going over the top, expose your back in a subtle and smart manner. You could buy a simple knee length dress that has a deep back if you’re going to office or a meeting. It doesn’t make you look over – done and helps you look sexy at the same time. Let him get attracted to your back even before he catches a glimpse of your pretty face.


A girl with high goals and the drive to achieve them is likely to be come across as sexier according to men. Who likes goalless dull women? Success is the new sexy! If you have great ambitions, priorities and the passion to fulfill your dreams, you are automatically sexy for most of the guys you’ll come across. They would love to talk to you, listen to your success and failure stories and would admire you for what you are!

A Nice Behind

Well, this age old fact can never be denied. Guys go all drooling over a sexy ass. Men will always be men and would never stop getting turned on by a sexy ass. It has been and will always be one of the major factors that determine the sexiness of a woman. As they say, if you’ve got a sexy ass, you’ve probably got the whole world in your control.

Listing what exactly guys find sexy about women is very tricky, because there are so many things that turn guys on. These are the top 10 things that men find sexiest about women. Do you know any things that we may hae missed?  What do you think men find sexiest about women? Please send your comments.

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