Is it Ok to Sleep with a Guy on the First Date?

datingIf you are going out on a date with a guy, you sure as hell like him and want to know more about him. You might have planned to start it with a movie followed by a candle light dinner, then a long drive, and at last a goodnight kiss may be. But sometimes, this is not where it ends. After spending some hours with him, the spark between you two might get onto another level. You both might have the urge to go on with more than just a kiss. Here is where your entire dilemma starts from. The urge to be with him might be strong, but your conscience might give it a competition. You don’t want to end up showing your impression as a desperate woman, who is ready to take off her pants on the very first date but at the same time you really like him and want to spend the night with him. So let’s give you a list of what you can do to end your perplexity.

Do you want to do it or are you doing it for him?

There are guys who might date you with the sole intention of sleeping with you. But the catch here is there are guys as well who want this to happen on the first date just because they like you. These guys won’t judge you as a desperate girl even if you make the first move. Instead it might just turn them on. You don’t need to keep thinking what he might think about you if you let him in your pant. If you have the fire, do it. Because if he judges you on the very first date by how you let him go, you can do the same. You never know the guy might turn out to be a pimp. If you really want to do it, don’t hesitate. And if you don’t want it this early, don’t be terrified to say it.

The rule book.

Yes there is always a rule book for everything. And there is one for this situation too. But do you follow all the rule books of life? Then why go through this one? The rule says if you go to bed with a guy you went out with for the first time, it might turn out to be a dating disaster. But hello! The rule book also says that you shouldn’t go out with a guy on date, but you just did. As long as you are willing to do it, there is no harm. If you feel that it is a bit too early, then ending it with a nice kiss isn’t that bad too.

Maybe, it’s love!

There are chances that you have fallen in love with him and thus, are quite sure to take this ahead. You might want to be with him that’s why you are ready to be in bed with him. There might be a chance that things don’t work out later and you both don’t get any further with the relation but at least you won’t regret it. You’ll be contented that at least you gave love a chance. But if it goes on well, you might actually have a happy future with him.

There’s no fixed answer to this perplexing question of whether you should sleep with a guy on the first date or not. It simply depends on how you’re feeling and on your mind set of course. If it makes you uncomfortable to open up this fast, there is nothing wrong in being yourself and not sleeping with him. On the other hand, if you feel that there’s no harm in it, you don’t need to think about anything else, just do it. At the end all that matters is what you want, and not what others want from you. So, if you feel like it, go ahead and have a wonderful night!

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