Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Style

Kim Kardashian pregnancyKim kardashian fashion  Kim Kardashian maternity wear

The reality TV vixen is well known for flaunting her sexy curves in bodycon fabrics, high-waisted pants, leather dresses, and voluminous skirts and not to miss her sky-high heels. So much so is she known for showing off her famous curves, that even a slight glimpse of hers in public is much talked about? What does she wear, how she carries herself and how high are her heels -are the topics rumoured around. With her recent pregnancy news made public, she has been religiously spotted in her usual getup. It has been in news that Kim is not dressing up properly for her changing frame.

“Omg! What on earth is she wearing?” “Look at her, how gracefully she carries her baby bump!” “Wow! I just love her style!” “Hmm! She is just too sexy to flaunt her belly in that body-hugging attire!” One can see the social networking sites flooded with such comments and updates on Kim Kardashian’s maternity style. With her recent appearances in public, she has almost made a trend of carrying a baby bump stylishly. Her post pregnancy glimpses at public and social gatherings have left the media and fashion critics with no other option than to notice her and give their remarks on her dressing sense these days. She was seen in a sheer lace dress few weeks back and that amazed people around.

While her bump-hugging leather dress, maternity pencil skirt and sky-high stilettos have been a topic of regular discussion and quite a worry these days; she has slipped into something more comfortable at few occasions too.

Recently she has been seen in billowy tops and baggier pants. The sexy mom-to-be has left not a bit chance to show off her growing baby bump. This 32 years old vixen takes extra care not to miss a chance to look sexier. In a public appearance in New York City few times back, she has been seen squeezed in a bejewelled grey dress; which showed every curve of her body. Her another look which has been publicized frequently is the one in which she pairs a skin-tight, bump-a- rific lovely green dress with matching strappy sandals.

This style-savvy mommy is not to be ignored at Awards and social functions. She has rocked a black Saint Laurent dress with Dior Shoes with much elegance at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards Function. What do you have to say about her khaki coat and the sexy leather pants? Aren’t these making an apt style statement? While people were worried about her growing baby bump being hugged into tight outfits; Kim has left everyone flabbergasted once more with her springtime style by adorning lose-fitted ensemble.

She is getting back to adopting the conservative maternity look, but with much noted fashion, style and sexiness. This white dress will tell you more.

This loose coat paired with flat belly shoes depicts her sensible styling with the pregnancy appearing closer. Well! She has almost created quite frenzy with her dressing, but what one and all will have to say in the end is that Kim seems to be getting more glamorous with her pregnancy approaching closer!

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