Top 3 Mascaras for Long, Thicker Lashes

rimmel london mascaraThick long lashes is something most of us yearn for and trying to find the right mascara that can meet all your needs can be a little tricky. We tested out a few of our favorite mascaras for you to give you a quick over view of some of the features and benefits of each. Whether you need something that washes off easy or is smudge proof, you are bound to find a mascara here that can meet at least one of your needs and give you the bold looking eye you have been striving for. Enjoy!

The Ravishing “Rimmel London Scandal Eyes” mascara will make your lashes big and dark with its Max Density brush (which is 50% larger and more compact). It plumps up every lash deliberately to give your eyes a sensual appeal. Now you do not have to fix those false lashes to have beautiful dark eyes because the scandalous mascara has 3x collagen for sculpted lashes an 3x keratin for stiff and salubrious lashes. Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara is the staple of every Fashionista’s make-up bag. The real party look for eyes dwells in this scandalous item. Let your big round eyes be the Dark beauty at the party.cover girl mascara

Covergirl thick lash mascaraThe smudge proof “Cover Girl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara” The first pick of every girl who loves to capture the attention with her bewitching eyes. It makes the lashes bold and thicker with its lash builder brush. Cover Girl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara is the best friend of sensitive eyes and those who wear Colored Contact Lenses because you can remove it easily. Ophthalmologists have also tested this Mascara so you do not have to think much before putting it into your beauty kit. The rich black color will make your eyes crunchy and captivating. The only cost effective solution can bestow you with beautiful eyes.

clinique mascaraNo clumping “Clinique High Impact Mascara” The deep color of the mascara up raises the length and volume of each lash with its high impact brush. Apply just start from the lashes base and squirm the brush gently up to the tip of lashes. Repeat the same procedure to build tidy and crunchy lashes. Hold the brush and verge vertically to apply mascara on lower lashes. To avoid the bunching up of lashes let the mascara dry between coats. It combs every lash completely with no clumping. Even if you have sensitive eyes, you can use it without any fear because it is tested by Ophthalmologist. To remove it you can use your favorite makeup cleaner.

Pick your favorite mascara from these three and give your eyes a new and fresh look. For more information about how to make your eyes look bold and beautiful visit us online today!

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