How to Apply Make Up That Looks Natural

natural looking makeupWhether it is a party at friend’s place or a small family gathering at your place but one thing is clear that you must look stunningly beautiful. Here we are going to reveal the secrets of those women who look Gorgeous at every party and pull everybody’s attention with their stunning looks.

The Secret is “They know How to Apply Make-up that looks natural”

So, if you are not aware of those “how to facts” then do not worry we are here to help you bit-by bit.

Before you apply makeup, always keep one thing in your mind that an exaggerated look can belittle your personality. Therefore, never use the makeup products in too much quantity. Now let us discuss how to get ready for a party with natural looks.

Firstly, clean your face with a cleanser or face wash and apply moisturizer if you have dry skin. Afterwards follow the steps elaborated below:

Choose the right Concealer: Concealer helps to cover the blemishes and scars and equalize your skin tone. If you have oily skin then you can apply Match perfection Concealer by Rimmel London. It will cover dark circles as well as acne marks and give your face skin a smooth finish. Apply Mac studio finish concealer if you have dry skin. Concealers come in different shades and it is very necessary to pick a concealer according to your skin tone otherwise; it can create a mess over your face. So be careful!

Blend Foundation: A right mixture of foundation with a moisturizer can give a flawless skin glow. You can use L’Oreal True Match foundation if you have dry skin. For best results mix few drops of moisturizer in it and blend the mixture to form a one tone. Apply this blended foundation with your fingertips and use sponge to spread the foundation gently on your face. Use liquid foundation preferably Revlon photo ready make up foundation with SPF 20 if you have oily skin.

Miraculous Mascara: Mascara can surely do miracles with your looks if applied correctly. Apply Maybelline volume Express the falsies Mascara and stupefy the party guests with your splendiferous eyes and Dressed to kill looks. The curvy shaped brush will lengthen your lashes and the eyes will look brighter and even more beautiful.

Eyeliner: Delineate the beauty of your Dark and Deep eyes with Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner. If you have small eyes, then apply a thin line and highlight your eyeballs with eye shadow.

Now Blush your Apples: Give your make up a final touch with blusher but remember a too much blush can be a bad tool with weird looks. So apply it gently in an upward motion. You are almost ready now.

Lippy Lip-gloss: when you smile your smiling lips add a spark in your outlook. If you have thin lips, then apply a slightly darker shade of lip gloss. The color sensational collection of Maybelline lip-gloss is perfect pick for party wear makeup. In daytime, you can use nude colors of lip-gloss to define the beauty of your lips. For more information about makeup or buying Cheap Makeup Online, click here to visit our online store.

Nail Paint: Do not forget to manicure your hands. Beautiful hands and clean nails play a vital role to portray your personality. Look up to date from Head to toe and then party is all yours. If you have fair complexion then no color can compete the Blood red shade. You can also choose a color complementing your dress. The color bar pick and dry range has all the beautiful shades to color your nails.

Now you are all dressed for the party with your natural plus stunning looks!


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