Women’s Perfume

Fragrances, Loved Since the Ancient Timeswomens perfume online

Online Perfumes Canada have a long history dating thousands of years ago. There are old texts and archaeological evidence that humans loved to smell good, feel pleasant scents in their living spaces, and keep closely objects with agreeable fragrances. At the beginning of the 11th century the famous Persian chemist Avicenna was the first who extracted the oils from roses through the process of distillation, a procedure which is still in use nowadays. It is said that the perfume formulas are among the best kept secrets. However, the experts in perfumes (something similar to wine connoisseurs) are able to identify particular fragrances and their origins.

The wheel of fragrances

Online Women’s Perfumes is different than the one for men, especially regarding concentration and fragrances. The specialists working in the perfume industry introduced a modern classification known as the fragrance wheel, which divides fragrances into five main groups: Fougère, Oriental, Floral, Woody, and Fresh. Each group contains other sub-groups of fragrances that have also been arranged into a wheel.

Fougère is a strong scent used mostly for men’s perfumes; Oriental blends intense perfumes of clove, vanilla, or cinnamon, the Woody fragrance remembers the smell of the forests, while Fresh is a mix of oceanic scents, green leaves and hints of citrus or moss. The perfume for women is mostly based on the popular fragrance called Floral. The Floral scents, which encompass the delicate smells of flowers like lavender, rose, lily, lilac, jasmine, and gardenia, are feminine and spread discreetly a romantic note.

The music hidden into perfumesperfume

A lot of high quality perfumes include various fragrances that are perceived gradually. These layers of scents, which come into view in time, are associated to three types of musical notes: the top notes, middle, and base notes. In fact, the musical metaphor is related to a physical process: the evaporation of the perfume molecules.

The scent assimilated to a top note (or head note) represents the first smell you feel right after applying a perfume. It hits your nose creating an initial impression and then evaporates. Top notes are important reference points when it comes to selling perfumes. The middle note (known also as the heart note) is the main scent of the perfume that becomes visible after the top note’s dispersal. The base notes appear after 20-30 minutes from application and complement the middle notes forming the perfume’s bouquet.

Tips to Choose a perfume that suits you

The perfume for women comes in a wide range of fragrances and choosing the one that best suits you, sometimes could be a real challenge. First tip: no matter if you have already fall in love with your friend’s perfume, do not miss the pleasure of wondering through specialized stores and testing different perfumes. It is a relaxing and enjoyable experience and it never knows: you might find something much suitable for you.

It is important to look for fragrances that you like, you feel comfortable with and define your personality. A fresh scent is the perfume for women engaged in outdoor activities; those sweet and adorable floral fragrances aim the sensitive and romantic persons, while the intense smell of musk and amber disclose a character who wants to stand out from the crowd. Definitely, a well chosen perfume offers the finishing touch for a remarkable appearance.

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