Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes

Natural Blue Eyes ShadeThe colour blue is considered by many religious persons a symbol of interior peace that is able to keep bad thoughts and dark spirits away. Blue eyes are cool no matter what type of shade they have. Choosing the right makeup color for your blue eyes is the key to give them an irresistible look.

The rule of thumb is to take into consideration the tone of your skin, the hair color, and the Natural Blue Shade of the eyes when you make your decision for a particular makeup color. Most makeup artists recommend the following colors that best fit blue eyes: various shades of orange such as peach, rust, copper, and bronze, violet, shades of blue ranging from pale to medium and deep blue, purple, light pink, as well as neutral shadows like white, khaki, grey and chocolate brown.

The orange shadows

If you think that orange would not value enough your beautiful blue eyes, forget about this preconceived idea. The truth is that the strong contrast between orange hues and the warm blue color draws attention instantly. Celebrities like Fergie and Scarlet Johansson have already tried this makeup color and they looked fabulous on the red carpet. However, keep in mind not to overrate covering your lids with neon orange.

eye shadow makeup onlineThe blue, purple, and violet shadows

Emphasize the color of your eyes using different shades of blue. You may choose pale, medium or midnight blue to put into value the natural tones of the eyes and create a vivid appearance. For women with light tints of hazel or green, colors like teal or turquoise blend softly as long as they are applied in thin layers.

The shimmery purple makeup complements the blue eyes and put the focus on their natural color. It is said that violet is an excellent option for women with blonde hair and fair skin, but this does not mean that if you are brunette you should leave aside this flattering color. A lighter layer of violet gently spread on the eyelids brings a dramatic look for an evening hanging out.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors enhance the natural tone of the eyes. Brown and tan shadows work great for blue eyes because they do not diminish other features of your face like shape and hair color. Both white and grey are suitable for daytime hours adding a subtle spark to an office outfit. If you love green, do not hesitate to use it in small accents to acquire a fresh glance. Champagne with slight rosy shades adds the final touch to a stylish everyday look.

Looking for a dramatic effect? Smoky eyes are the right answer for you. This is a timeless sexy option when you use a palette made of gold base completed with deep violet, combine black with bright blue, or mix brown with light pink.

The most important thing to remember is to avoid using too much color that could distract attention from the natural beauty of your eyes.


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