How to Wear Makeup When You Have Clear Skin?

Incarnate pink or porcelain, clear skin is sublimated by a makeup made of transparent … The Toni pink and pearly make the complexion velvety effect for a “second skin” light and air. A maquillage impercettiblie and delicate make the face brighter. Products – A moisturizer – A green base or a concealer – A fluid foundation – A pearly blush – A pastel eyeshadow – A pink lip gloss

The Colors

Makeup Online CanadaTo put in value your fair skin, Buy Makeup Online depending on the color of hair:

  • If you are blonde with fair skin, choose a palette of cool colors: pink with shades of blue, gray, salmon, mauve… The pastel “frozen” will highlight your flesh for an effect “nude” irresistible!
  • If you are brunette with dark skin, rather tip of warm colors and opaque: plum, red brick, brown amber.

Porcelain Skin

To have skin-bone and bright, like the pink and velvety of the beautiful Kate Moss, you must follow three steps:

  1. Moisturize
    Before being made up, the skin should be smooth and light. Apply a moisturizer all over your face, so that the skin breathe and remain flexible throughout the day.
  2. Mask
    For a perfect skin, cover light redness and imperfections with a green base or a concealer, which will apply with light touches.
  3. Making uniform
    for a velvety choose a foundation fluid slightly powdery effect and natural. Choose a product half-tone darker than your complexion, making a test on the inside of the wrist.

The shades of pink allow brighten skin clear and smooth.

Zoom on Maquillage

A pearl blush: It ‘time transparency and enhancing the natural! In polvere, mousse or cream, choose a blushOnline Eyeshadow Canada shades of pink, with iridescent reflections, and apply sfugli cheekbones, fading towards the temples.

A pink eyeshadow: The eyeshadows metallized make it look bright. To give tenderness to the look choose a pastel Eye Shadow Online Canada, which fits in perfectly with the light skin. A pearly texture, lightly browned, will make your eyes shining!

A mouth romantic: Gloss lip gloss and blend gently with light skin. For a romantic effect, natural colors should be light and delicate: pink, mauve. To avoid: the bright red, which hardens the complexion!

Solar version

Those who dream of having golden skin will resort to the ground or to specific self tanners for fair skin, to give brightness and radiance to the face, respecting the natural feeling of fair skin. You can also apply with a brush big flash powder, for ravivvare your velvet skin.


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