How to Apply Good Makeup For The Evening?

If you are stepping out for the evening and want to make the event more glamorous, you should definitely wear make-up that has a radiant effect and will make you look more sophisticated. For a chic party look, you can play with colors and products in soft lights as they will give you a sublime beauty. If you are looking for some fantastic stores you can search from the numerous Canadian Makeup Online Stores.

Occasion – If you have a nice evening planned at a restaurant or a cocktail party, your look can be accentuated with elaborate and sophisticated make-up. Similarly if you have plans to hit a disco for a night out with your friends, it is a great opportunity to look beautiful and make your evening perfect with some make-up.

The Right Colors – For a glamorous face choose make-up that matches your face’s skin tone, so that they both complement each other. To highlight your natural beauty, the base must be a neutral color. A common mistake that can be avoided is the use of artificial colors that harden your trails, colors such as blues and purples.

How to Apply

How to Apply Makeup

Step 1 – Perfect Complexion

To have a bright face in the shadows, your complexion must be silky and velvety. Therefore choose a liquid foundation so that it does not give you a powdery effect, it will also smoothen the skin without compromising on your skin’s softness. Then, apply a powder with a large brush, illuminating your face making it velvety and bright.

Step 2 – Emphasize Cheekbones

Next you will have to emphasize your cheekbones using a blusher with a reflection of pearly light amber, this will capture the light and play in your favor. For an electrifying result, apply gentle strokes of golden blush on the contour of your face!

Step 3 – Look Velvety

Evening makeup is very important as it will enhance your sensuality and intensity. Choose a dark toned color such as dark grey, brown or black for your blusher along with colors with a creamy texture and pearl. For a rich effect, apply eye-shadow in golden pallets to highlight your eyes.

How to: Apply a base of kohl at the root of the eyelashes to emphasize the look. Then pass a black pencil under the eyes. For the eyelids, apply a dark eye-shadow with a brush in the inner eye and a light eye-shadow under the eyebrows. The trick to getting it right is to start from the inside of the eye and move outwards; passing the eye-shadow under the eye at the base of the lashes. Finish the look of your eyes by applying black mascara to the make-up so that it adds volume to your eyes and gives them more depth.

Step 4: Mouth “Glamour”

To make your evening make-up even more glamorous, draw the edge of your lips with red lipstick. This will give you a more sensual and feminine look. You can spot Monica Bellucci wearing this similar look for almost all her red-carpet entries and gala shows she attends. For a Hollywood star effect, choose a red lipstick that is intense and solid. Lip gloss is not for evenings because it does not stay on for too long and requires regular touch-ups.

How to: Draw the outline of the lips with a sharp pencil in a darker shade of your lipstick. Taking help with a brush, apply the lipstick from the center of the lips and spreading it to the corners of your mouth. For a long-wearing make-up blot your lips on a piece of tissue and then re-apply a layer of lipstick. If you want to add some shine to your lips, simply finish the look with some lip-gloss.

A touch of fashion

If you want to make a fashionable statement with your make-up, put some small sequins on the eyelids and on the top of your cheekbones. Your face will shine even brighter when lights hit your face.

Get Creative

You can always be a little creative and experiment with false eyelashes, jewelry applied to the skin, some rhinestone or glitter. Be chic!

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