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Stop Fantasizing and Start Accessorizing With a Beautiful New Pair of Colored Contact Lenses!

Shop Online for Colored Fashion Eye Lenses. Change your Eyes from Green to Grey, Brown to Blue and every other color under the rainbow with color contacts that you can buy online. No prescription required as these are short term wear, fashion only contacts that are great for a night on the town. Get at least three months wear out of your new colored contact lenses with proper care. Full care instructions comes with each purchase. Order now. All contacts ship same day. Shipping is available world wide. Order your new color contacts and suppliers online today anfresh look contact lensesd choose from the following brands of fashion eye colors:

Fresh Look Color Contact Lenses

Designed for people who want comfortable looking yet natural appearing lenses that can be worn for every day use and are suitable for dark and light eyes. All Freshlook contacts are designed with two and three tone hues to allow natural light to shine through creating a suttle yet captivating appearance. Want to know what you would look like in these lenses? Check out the Freshlook Virtual Color Studio. Simply upload your photo and voila!

angel lensesviolet circle lensesAngel Circle  Lenses

Angel lenses are circle lenses and they are ideal for people who are looking for a bold look. They create an effect to make your eyes seem larger and wider. Celebrities like Lady Gaga are infamous for wearing circle lenses and the human Barbie Doll, to create this spectacular look. Depending on the color some angel lenses can give you that sweet dolly eyed look with a touch of innocence and sex appeal all mixed in one. Designed with a special blend of color hues, angel lenses naturally blend with your own eye color creating a very amazing effect. Angel Lenses and Circle lenses are becoming the worlds most popular fashion eye accessory of today.

blue color contactsMesmereyz High Fashion Color Contacts

If you are looking for the best quality contact lenses for comfort, color availability and overall naturalness, you will definitely love the Mesmeryez line. First launched out of London, these lenses were worn exclusively by London Super Models, Celebrities and Fashion Models. Look and feel like a super model with these amazing hues of color. Specially designed with 3 and 4 tone hues, these lenses will turn heads. They look great on dark or light eyes and are definitely worth trying out. If you have been looking for lenses that meet all of your expectations, get mesmerized with Mesmereyz lenses today! You will not be disappointed. A definite favorite among our high end lens wearers. No prescription required. Fashion lenses.