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Welcome to Sheniko. We are an online beauty store and this is our blog!  We sell makeup, health and beauty products, hair and skin care products, designer fragrances, color contacts, women’s clothing and fashion accessories from various private label and name brand creators.

This blog was created for online shoppers and fashionistas who love fashion accessories, women’s clothing, and beauty products. This isn’t just any old blog. We blog about everything from fashion to love!

Sheniko” is  the “beauty within you”. At Sheniko, we believe that each everyone of us is beautiful in their very own unique and special way. To us, there is nothing more fun and rewarding in life than helping someone discover that beauty for themselves. And what better way to bring out that beauty than with a great outfit, makeup, hair or fashion? Accessorizing is energizing and life changing for many of us beauty seekers.

If you love life, beauty, and fashion please follow our blog.  We promise you a good time and a good read for sure!

And…. if you happen to love shopping and splurging on yourself along the way, then by all means, feel free to visit our online store for a super fun shopping experience, friendly staff and unique one of a kind beauty and fashion items. We look forward to sharing with you.Enjoy!